Company Vision

GEO seeks to adopt the latest technology and proven methodological techniques in the field of environment preservation and conservation. We aim to thrive and become the leaders and pioneers in providing innovative geospatial, surveying, navigation and mapping solutions and services in the region and worldwide.

Company Mission

Adopt the latest innovative technology and proven engineering intelligent solutions and techniques in all company business areas and projects. To encourage environmental research studies within the higher education institutions and to become the trend in education curriculums. GEO is to improve the customers and users experience through enhancing the geospatial services by the latest innovations in machine learning to learn more with less data and by integrating AI into client’s most important business processes.

GEO is a private organization meant to undertake and invest in projects that leads to enhancement and improvement in the methodological approach and implementation in the field of Environment, Earth Observation, Geodesy, Navigation and Mapping. The company conducts the science and technology which develops and uses information science infrastructure to address the problems of geography, geosciences and related branches of engineering. Remotes Sensing and GIS techniques are by knowledge and experience the best adopted research and project-based methodologies through company policy. Geodesy and Geo-informatics are the core areas of GEO’s specialization and business plans.

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