Geospatial Services

GEO is a specialized company in Consulting, Development, Systems and Data Management and Integration in the field of Geoinformatics. We offer all services related to the introduction, utilization and application of Spatial Data Management with the latest innovative technology from the world technology leaders.

Spatial Database - Modeling | Management

  • Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Geo-data models - Vector | Raster

Spatial Data Processing | Analysis

  • Terrain modeling – TIN | DEM | DTM | DSM

GIS Applications Development and Customization

  • Web Applications | Mobile Applications

Integration with business and technical information systems

  • Application | Databases | Web-Services

Cartography and Visualization

Survey Engineering

Earth modeling for the different research and engineering purposes can only be achieved by implementing and adopting the different traditional and sophisticated techniques of surveying engineering. Surveying engineering is one of the core business areas among the different specialization within GEO


Our professional staff have the sufficient knowledge and expertise of implementing the different surveying techniques.

Distance | Angle measurement
Reference Networks
Datum | Coordinate Systems
Errors & Accuracy

Fully equipped with latest and advanced digital Total Stations, Leveling and Geodetic GPS receiver, production of large and small-scale maps that reflects the man-made and natural landscape features, contour lines for relief representation becomes our specialization along with.

Geodetic Control Network Design
Horizontal | Vertical Datum Establishment
Gravitational Computations & Geoid Modeling
Geodetic Transformation

Other specialty and expertise domain include:

Orthophoto Interpretation
Scan & Geo-Referencing
Mobile Mapping

GEO demonstrates professional and top-quality service delivery in the below Surveying Engineering activities

Topographic Survey & Mapping
Civil engineering surveying
Cadastral surveying


GISFORALL is one of the leading companies in the field of aerial survey, data acquisition and data processing services. Digital Globe, Space Imaging ME, Global Scan Technologies LCC are among the best and foremost commercial and on-demand satellite imagery providers ranging from high to medium resolution imageries. Our services include the following products.


Our professional staff, expertise and most well-known affiliate service providers world-wide make us the most demanded service provider for the following services in the region.

Digital Aerial Survey
Ortho Rectifications
Data Acquisition Aerial & LiDAR
Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
Contour Lines Generation
Mensuration & Aerial Triangulation
Digital Surface Model (DSM)


Along with LAND and AERIAL survey, Marine or Hydrographic surveying is one of the prevailing GEO technical specialty. GEO offers a wide range of hydrographic surveying services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology. To deliver complex hydrographic surveying projects, we deploy the most experienced and qualified marine engineers, surveyors, specialists and data processing technicians utilizing the most advanced and sophisticated technology ranging from the basic single beam echo-sounders up to the hydrographic LiDAR.

Our services include the following business areas.

Establishing Chart Datum
Bathymetric Survey
Sea-bed Profiling
Technical Consultancy
Electronic Nautical Charts - ENCs
Dredging & Volume Calculations

The adopted Equipment & Technology may include.

Hydrographic surveying vessels
Single beam echo-sounder
Multi beam echo-sounders
Tidal movement recorders
Air-born bathymetry LiDAR

Bathymetry and Sonar data processing software.


Our GIS specialists are quite familiar with Hydrographic data processing and visual representation for both Hydrographic surveying outputs using the world GIS leader – esri products and technology – ArcGIS for Maritime.

Bathymetry | Charting


GISFORALL is committed to deliver state-of-the-art navigation services to its customers and clients in the region and all over the world. GEO, in partnership with the Navigation world-wide leaders can undertake complex projects that composes navigation services to the best level of customer satisfaction and expectation.

At GISFORALL, with HERE Partner Program we have the opportunity to bundle or embed their products and services into our client’s solutions, services and applications. HERE Technologies, who are the market leaders in the Navigation business, dedicated all their energy and expertise to develop innovative, cloud-based location solutions.

In partnership with HERE we deliver a range of navigation services.

Automotive Suite
Map Content Suite
Tracking & Positioning Suite
Traffic Suite

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SYGIC GPS NAVIGATION is our navigation business reference for a numerous service that are publicly requested for a different variety of purposes including.

“Driving with Sygic GPS Navigation is easy and safe. The app will guide you safely to your destination even without an internet connection. Sygic includes high-quality 3D maps that are stored on your device. Regular map and application updates are free of charge.”

In partnership with Sygic, GEO is ready to deliver a variety of navigation applications.

GPS Navigation
CAR Navigation
Truck Navigation
Speed Cameras


Maps can help spot spatial patterns in the data to assist in better decision making and action taken. GISFORALL can apply a range of mapping and location-based analytics services and capabilities to your business practices to gain greater insights using contextual tools to visualize and analyze your data.

At GEO, we rely on our set of professional staff in the domain of “Mapping & Visualization. We demonstrate full expertise in the utilization of the well-known GIS and mapping and analytics suits in the market and use best practices in cartography to create incredible-looking maps on all platforms.

Our mapping and visualization expertise include.

  • Create Beautiful | Interactive | Custom Maps
  • Multi-Source Data Combination
  • 2D | 3D Data Visualization
  • Mapping Apps Development with ArcGIS APIs

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