At GEO, we believe that “Equality, Open Source data – Open Knowledge” is for the public good. Being specialized in the field of environment and geo-spatial services it is our vision to suffice our community with the sufficient knowledge, technology, tools and data to become geo-spatially aware of all the environmental issue and aspects that comprises the world around them. Better geo-spatial education and services will contribute in the well being of the community members, their social life and ultimately their race consideration among the other nations in this world.





It is our vision to raise the level of education in this discipline. Share equally the opportunity for everyone to have the chance to know, learn and contribute in their own society. We would to like to be among the worldwide educators who have made contributions to open geospatial education efforts by helping spread the benefits of education to all for the welfare of our society and the our future generations in this part of the world where scarcity is predominant in every aspects of life.

Our mission is to make this dream come true. Where everything about the environment, what impacts the environment in good or bad is known to everyone. When everyone knows how to tackle our environmental issues and try to find solutions geospatially. We need to improve the level of services for the benefit and betterment of humanity. We want to contribute and focus our efforts for the enhancement and improvement of our society civil services. In the government sector we need to induce the geospatial services to help governments at all levels use geospatial technology to make their communities smarter, safer, and more successful. Commercially, geospatial services could include determination of new retail locations, identify real estate hot zones, see growth trends in real time and so forth. As for natural resources, those who manage, preserve and restore our natural resources can easily see, share and analyze important data.

Utilities, on the other hand, as a very vital branch of our social services can use the geospatial software and technology to manage and plot data visually in order to collaborate seamlessly and simply with their crews and regulators.

GEO utilizes the notion “GISFORALL” based on the belief that GIS is fundamental technology in infrastructure development especially in the developing and economically poor countries which can’t afford the high cost of proprietary GIS neither can they afford to pay the huge licensing costs to GIS vendors We use ArcGIS the most powerful mapping software in the world. ArcGIS connects people with maps, data, and apps through geographic information systems (GIS). It is a location platform that’s accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. A geographic information system (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends.

“GISFORALL” depict the era of availability of free and open source GIS technologies which will offers a great opportunity for governments and municipal authorities in these developing countries to implement GIS for support, implementation and better decision making in matters that pertains to the living standards of the poor people who lives among these societies. People need to be empowered with the belief that geo-technologies can help them improving their living standards. Of course, technology by itself is not sufficient, hence comes our role in capacity building. This effort covers all branches of the society, starting from students, government employees to the professional level. Introducing the knowledge about geospatial technology, the knowhow of developing their own tools that fits with solving their own problems and issues will defiantly assist them to improve their living standard.

All the society group members, school and university students, government employees each can contribute in the field he is undertaking. On the long term, this will result in better education, improved municipal services and above all enhanced infrastructure improvement programs that tackle the problems of providing clean water, proper sanitation and hygiene facilities, electricity etc. will help in improving people’s living standards.

We will work on providing quality education opportunities accessible for all. Access to quality education and opportunities is essential key for getting rid of extreme poverty and enable broadly shared prosperity for all. At GEO, we work together to support open geo-education and enable geo-technologies in empower communities and helping improving people’s living standards within their communities.

After all, it is a collaborative effort that doesn’t fully depend on GEO as an independent organization but rather a regional and worldwide organization which we took the burden of putting it together.

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