Discover the capabilities of GISFORALL through powerful location services, data management, analytics, navigation and mapping


Data Science, tools, techniques and analytics can assist local and federal government entities in data-driven decision making through the "Data and Analytics Framework".


GIS can deliver insight on transportation infrastructure life cycle. Assist trnasportation planners to plan, monitor and manage complex systems effectively.


Provide consultation services for environmental agencies to assist in building capacity, increase production, optimize workflows, and mitigate risk building Information Systems for monitoring environmental products through a well-designed overall quality control, validation and acceptance processes.

Smart Cities

At GISFORALL, together with our business partners and with our professional expertise in spatial analytics using AreGIS technology we demonstrate full support and state-of-the-art services in smart cities trnasformation and modelling.

Natural Resources

GISFORALL can assist organizations thrive in the field of earth's resources management, field and staff resources. GIS software, can enable you to streamline workflows and maximize productivity. Spatial insights reveal new patterns and trends to help you make better-informed decsions.


Intelligent water mamangement begins with GIS. At GISFORALL, we deliver services to address aging infrastructure, leaks, and the potential for severe main breaks. We can isolate underground leaks, respond faster to main breaks, and priortize capital improvement spending based on GIS data. Our motto is "Save water. Save time. Save money."

Architecture & Real Estate

At GISFORALL we make the most of every location and turn it into action. Through detailed understanding and insights, we support real estate companies to explore opportunities an become successful. We assist them to uncover hidden opportunities for a competitive advantage.


Location is fundamental to all telecommunications services-- cable, wireless, and wireline. We use advance mapping and real-time spatial analytics to assist telecom comapnies identify new market opportunites reveal ways to maximize return on network investments, and support excellent services delivery.

Oil & Gas

At GISFORALL, together with our business partners develop projects for the Refining, Petrochemical & compressed and liquefied Gas Sector. They maintain a team of professionals who has a wide experience and expertise in these fields and maintains a long team relationship with some of the major technological companies and licensors in this sector.


Big decisions in the intelligence age. Executives wants greater speed and sophistication in their decisions, but most say their ambition is greater than what their organizations are ready for.
Empower your organization


Location is a key. Understand the influence of location to boost productivity. Location is fundamental to all our services and industry. Improve decision-making by locatin-aware solutions.
Turn location into action.


Discovery: Observations to informations
Insights: Informations to insights.
Actions: Insights to decisions & actions.
Outcomes: Decisions & actions to outcomes.
Apply Data & Analytics Framework


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework for gathering managing and analyzing data. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visulaization using maps and 3D scenes. GIS reveals deeper insights into data, helping users make smarter decisions.


Technique, profession and science of determing the terrestrial or three dimensional positions of points and distances of angles between them. It is a means of making relatively large-scale, accurate measurements of the Earth's surfaces.



Maps can help spot spatial patterns in the data to assist in better decision making and action taken. Add  range of mapping, visualization and location-based analytics services and capabilities to your business practices to gain greater insights using contexual tools to visualize and analyze your data.

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